Attack Poverty’s Hurricane Laura relief efforts highlighted in Houston Chronicle article.

Attack Poverty was featured in the Houston Chronicle highlighting our efforts to assist individuals in Louisiana in response to Hurricane Laura. “Attack Poverty is an organization leading efforts to assist individuals in Louisiana in response to Hurricane Laura.” – Houston Chronicle .entry-featured{display:none;} Read Article More Stories > This story is an example of just one of the many lives being … Read More

Hope Rising in the Pandemic

We’ve been serving and meeting basic needs of the underserved through the COVID-19 pandemic across the Greater Houston area. Here is a glimpse at what we’ve been doing and a word from our CEO, Brandon. Attack Poverty Covid Video from Attack Poverty on Vimeo. When we paused our programs across all locations to make our resource centers food and resource … Read More

Fostering Compassion and Love in Richmond’s Teens

Mercy Goods is a social enterprise that is investing in the lives of teenagers in Richmond, TX and changing the lives of teens and volunteers through service. Goods that do good. That phrase is key to the work that is done in Mercy Goods. Zach, who oversees the work done in the shop has created an environment for Richmond’s teens … Read More

Congressional Recognition from Congressman Pete Olson

Our Friends of North Richmond team was granted a congressional recognition award for their response and advocacy through the COVID-19 pandemic! Our team out in North Richmond has been instrumental throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They served as a donation hub for all of our resource centers across the Greater Houston area. From produce to sanitizer to diapers – whenever donations … Read More

9th Annual Run to Attack Poverty: A Message from Brandon

9th Annual Run to Attack Poverty Promo from Attack Poverty on Vimeo. We’re getting excited about the 5k on August 29th! Here’s a message from Brandon to get you all pumped! We can’t wait to Run Around the World to Attack Poverty and would love for you to join us! Visit our 5k page by clicking here for more information … Read More

Iris’ Story | La Historia de Iris – Friends of Four Corners

Awaken Potential | Provoke Transformation from Attack Poverty on Vimeo. Some of you may have heard Iris’ testimonial of the impact Friends of Four Corners has had on her life, but we want to share her story for those who may not have heard. “I can do it, you can do it too.” Iris owns a restaurant in a gas … Read More

Todd’s Walk for Water

Do you remember the last time you had to walk 22 miles? What about walking 22 miles in order to meet your basic needs? For many of us, walking such a distance is a reality we will never understand. We heard from Titus who took on the challenge of walking 22 miles to raise money to donate to East Asia … Read More

100,000th Individual Served

Making the decision to continue to serve our community through the COVID-19 pandemic was easy. However, we could not have imagined the impact we would have across our locations. From March through July we have had the privilege to serve and meet individuals’ basic needs across Harris and Fort Bend County. In a time of scarcity of supplies and fear … Read More

Empowering Local Leaders Amidst a Pandemic

Our Friends of Sundown location has one of the biggest food distributions across our Attack Poverty locations and it’s a smooth sailing process thanks to the help of incredible volunteers. However, what can often be missed is that each volunteer has a life and a story outside of their time volunteering. That’s where Perla’s story comes in. When Sundown’s Director, … Read More

Brandon Baca Named As Attack Poverty’s CEO

In February 2020, the Board of Directors appointed Brandon Baca as the Interim CEO of Attack Poverty. Just three and a half weeks after this appointment, COVID-19 hit Houston shutting down schools, businesses, and the local economy. However, Baca led the organization with a clear vision, holding the mission of Attack Poverty at the center of every swift move. Not … Read More