Young Professionals Ending Poverty

Supporting Attack Poverty Through These Chapters

Who We Are

Young Professionals Ending Poverty (YPEP) exists as a service based organization that supports Attack Poverty through advocacy and fundraising.

Why "ending poverty"?

Attack Poverty is a global organization that adopts pockets of poverty and show up as Friends - that's why we serve locally through different "Friends of" community resource centers. Their mission and vision is to empower people to attack poverty in their life and community through spiritual growth, education, revitalization and basic needs. It's a hand up, not a hand out.

All funds support programs.

Friends of Northside has a wide range of services and programs. From child after-school programs, teen mentoring, home repair, ESL classes, GED and revitalization.

When we host profit share opportunities, happy hours, partnerships with restaurants, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities, it's all with the purpose of making an impact in the Northside community and helping Friends of Northside be equipped to do so.

Foundational beliefs that drive Attack Poverty

There are two types of poverty: Situational and Generational. We focus on breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Generational poverty cannot be changed with small, soft-hearted plans. It must be directly addressed with great intention through mutual relationships.

Generational poverty is a complicated spiritual, relational, mental-attitude, educational, and financial issue.

Events and Contact

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YPEP President | Christina

YPEP Vice-President | Lea

Attack Poverty HQ Contact | Kim

Northside Houston | Karina

North Richmond | Coming Soon!

North Rosenberg | Coming Soon!

Sundown Katy | Coming Soon!

Join Us

Thanks for checking in! Here is the events calendar for Summer and Fall:

July 2021

July 10th | Real Men Spike Ball

July 24th | Yoga

August 2021

TBD | Revitalization

September 2021

Sept. 16th | Members ONLY Dinner - Award Ceremony

October 2021

Oct. 7th | Assembling Candy for Fall Festival

Oct 9th | Fall Festival


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