You Can Academy (YCA) Coordinator


Job Title
You Can Academy (YCA) Coordinator
Job Type
Friends of North Rosenberg
Reporting Structure
Reports to assigned Initiative Director
Job Description

Attack Poverty, Rosenberg TX seeks to hire a part-time You Can Academy (YCA) Coordinator for Friends of North Rosenberg. This position reports to the assigned Initiative Director and duties include, but are not limited to…

Essential Duties
  • Champion the mission and vision to tell the story of Attack Poverty initiatives.

  • Agrees to uphold the organizations Statement of Faith.

  • Ability to provide a safe and positive environment for YCA students in order to encourage an increased value in their education.

  • Oversees and directs all aspects of after-school, summer enrichment camp and Mission Week Kids camp programs, including lesson plans and program calendar with team leaders.

  • Lead and train volunteers in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator. Report any volunteer needs or concerns to Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Develop procedures and policies for operation of after-school, summer enrichment camp and Mission Week Kids camp programs in conjunction with Initiative Director.

  • Manage and maintain corporately shared files including records needed for program administration and other files as assigned.

  • Assists in fundraising.

  • Attend all staff meetings, all initiative team meetings and additional continuing education opportunities for staff growth.

  • Provides office support as needed (when You Can Academy is not in session) and other duties as assigned.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes and applies information for program evaluations.
  • Classroom management skills including but not limited to problem-solving and conflict mediation.
  • Develops and prepares program lessons and training for volunteers.
  • Knowledge of computers and proficient in Microsoft Office applications including but not limited to Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Managerial Responsibilities: Collaborates with the Initiative Director and Program Leaders. Assigns task to and manages work of YCA Assistant Coordinators and volunteers.

Direction Received: Receives general direction from assigned Initiative Director and other Directors/Managers.

Communication Skills: Effective oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, effective organizational skills and attention to detail. Routinely interacts with school-aged children, volunteer groups and organization leaders. Leads assigned YCA programs. Candidate be Bilingual (speak both English and Spanish)

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

Preferred Experience: 5+ years experience in child development and/or elementary education or related field.

Preferred Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related field desirable.

Preferred Language: Candidate be Bilingual (speak both English and Spanish).

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