Operations Administrator


Job Title
Operations Administrator
Job Type
Attack Poverty | Operations
Reporting Structure
Reports to Chief Operating Officer
Job Description

The Operations Administrator will function as a coordinator and liaison for the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer and both internal and external stakeholder through administrative activities.

Essential Duties
Essential Duties
  • Champion the mission and vision to tell the story of Attack Poverty
  • Agrees to uphold the organization’s Statement of Faith
  • Provides a broad variety of administrative support to the Chief Officers and internal team
  • Provides administrative assistance and serves as an additional point of contact for internal team members such as directors, and external stakeholders such as partner organizations
  • Plans and coordinates logistics (calendaring, agendas, travel itineraries catering and supplies) for day to day operations, events, meetings, seminars and workshops.
  • Participates in operations and management meetings and documents important discussions along with actions items for distribution to the team.
  • Maintains and updates policies, procedures, manuals, consent forms, reports and templates as needed to support operational functions; Serve as a liaison with other departments for smooth internal processes
  • Responsible for submitting monthly expense report within designated deadline.
  • Process invoices and purchase orders for payment.
  • Notarize documents in accordance to state laws.
  • Effectively manage communication at all levels (lateral, upward, or downward) while working independently on special and ongoing projects.
  • Prioritize conflicting demands; handles matters expeditiously and proactively, and follows through on projects to successful completion, often under deadline pressure.
  • Interacts and communicates with teammates in a professional and confidential manner.
  • Effectively enforces company values and policies without evoking negative reactions.
  • Effectively and quickly processes information and feedback for continuous improvement to support a high-performance work environment.
  • Other duties as assigned
Technical Responsibilities:
  • Keeps informed of new developments and requirements affecting the organization for the purpose of recommending changes in programs or applications.
  • Develops and prepares data reports utilizing the organization’s branding standards
  • Knowledge of computers and proficient in Microsoft Office applications including but not limited to Word, Excel, Pages, PowerPoint and Outlook
Communication Skills:
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, effective organizational skills and attention to detail. Routinely interacts with employees, organization leaders, donors, community residents, volunteer groups and community stakeholders.
Qualifications and Educational Requirements

Preferred Education: Bachelor’s Degree referred, or equivalent relevant experience

Preferred Work History: 5-7 years supporting leadership and/or teams

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