Full-time Location Director, Friends of North Rosenberg


Job Title
Location Director
Job Type
Friends of North Rosenberg
Reporting Structure
Sr. Director, Operations
Essential Duties
  • Champion the mission and vision to tell the story of Attack Poverty Locations.
  • Agrees to uphold the organization’s Statement of Faith.
  • Oversee daily program operations for assigned Friends Location.
  • Set and maintain annual program goals.
  • Manage Location staff to steward the approved program and location budget.
  • Lead a team of program staff and volunteers.
  • Assists in fundraising.
  • Initiates and maintains relationships with community residents – be a constant presence within the community.
  • Initiates and maintains relationships with community collaborators (church leaders, other non-profits, businesses and community leaders).
  • Build on community assets though listening and empowerment exercises.
  • Build and manage community program calendar.
  • Grow program to maintain a holistic development approach in order to empower and strengthen community.
  • Attend all staff meetings, facilitate weekly location team meetings and attend additional continuing education opportunities for staff growth.
  • Other duties as assigned by Program Director.
Technical Responsibilities: Undertakes all day to day location operating responsibilities. Responsible for success of the location.  Keeps informed of new developments and requirements affecting the organization for the purpose of recommending changes in programs or applications. Managerial Responsibilities: Supervises a team of employees. Recommends facilities, personnel, and funds required to carry out programs. Oversees the technical, legal, and financial issues of the location and its projects. Determines the location team objectives and requirements. Develops standards and guidelines. Mentors and trains staff. Direction Received: Receives administrative supervision with assignments given in terms of broad general objectives and limits. Communication Skills: Effective oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, effective organizational skills and attention to detail. Routinely interacts with employees, organization leaders, donors, community residents, volunteer groups and community stakeholders. Leads program meetings.
Qualifications and Educational Requirements

Preferred Experience: 5+ years management experience (Degree in related field may be substituted for the experience)

Preferred Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related field desirable.

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