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Expanding how we serve the underserved.

The Attack Poverty Network serves as an important branch of advocacy. Our network is comprised of partners, affiliates, and Team Attack Poverty.

Partners play a vital role in Attack Poverty programs. They come alongside our existing programs and support the work we do.

Powered by Attack Poverty are independent Friends of Communities who are manage their fundraising and governance, but have full access to Attack Poverty’s learned best practices, experience and brand recognition; as well as consulting and back office support.

Team Attack Poverty is our advocacy team. We work to create communities for individuals with a heart to serve to connect with others and spread the word about what we do. This involves donor networks, young professional groups, and even sports teams.

Partners and Affiliates

Powered by Attack Poverty

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Young Professionals Ending Poverty

Our young professionals group is taking over the Greater Houston area. They serve locally while educating others about how to serve the underserved.

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Community Builders

Our Community Builders make up a network of monthly sustaining donors. Their monthly generosity help sustain our programs and teams as they serve the underserved.

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Transformative Investors

Transformative investors are deeply involved in the work we do. We work with our investors to create strategic giving plans to ensure we are stewarding their gifts well.

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