Our work is HOLISTIC. We understand the connections between: a decent place to live, a living wage job, spiritual health, quality education, child care, healthy families, basic and financial literacy, transportation and access to health care for sustainability.

The driving force behind all this is EMPOWERMENT. We are all about giving people tools to help themselves break out of the cycle of generational poverty. It’s about DEVELOPMENT, not charity; DIGNITY, not shame. Believing all humans are created in the image of God, we will always promote the dignity and worth of people and families.

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    Since 2009, we have partnered with the community of North Richmond. Come by our Neighborhood Resource Center. We would love to get you connected to one of our programs!

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    For more information, call Friends of North Richmond
    Phone: 281-762-2068
    Office: 1305 Clay Rd.
    Richmond, TX 77469
    Office Hours: M-F 9-5

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    We are committed to stewarding our resources with integrity and transparency. Your donation will help break the cycle of poverty.

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Elise Kaufman, Director,
Friends of North Richmond

Sarah Beth, Volunteer Coordinator,
Friends of North Richmond


Join the Team
Our current Community Based Programs Include:
  • Home Repair | supporting a safe environment for North Richmond residents
  • In School Student Support | partnering with Pink Elementary for support in the classroom
  • You Can Academy | an after school program dedicated to homework help in a safe environment
  • ESL | a class to empower individuals as they learn to read, write, and speak English
  • GED Prep | support for individuals that seek to gain their GED certificate
  • Jobs For Life | job readiness training & support strategies that empower one to be successful at work and life
  • Street Church | kindergarten through fifth grade aged children from the North Richmond community come together for a family styled Bible study
  • Teen Girl’s Bible Study | teenage girls from the North Richmond community come together to make jewelry and participate in a Bible study
  • Women’s Bible Study | all women are welcome to join as this small group comes together each week and discusses the movie War Room
  • The Take Plus | teenage boys and girls from the North Richmond community gather for after school tutoring and directed homework help
  • HGI Counseling  | free counseling is available on site by appointment
  • Love Ministries | every Sunday the church Love Ministries meets at the Friends of North Richmond Resource Center for service
  • SER Bank Works| an eight-week free training program that places low-income young adults and those with barriers to employment in jobs in the financial services industry

Click the events tab for information on when these programs meet! Have questions about a program or how to get involved? Call the Friends of North Richmond Resource Center at 281-762-2068

Volunteers are a vital part of what we do and there are many ways to join our team! To volunteer with Attack Poverty, simply click the button below and we will be in touch.


Check out this calendar for ways to get involved with Friends of North Richmond! For more information on these program, click the programs tab.

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