“To begin to deal with a problem or task in a determined and vigorous way”


“Powerless, disenfranchised, lacking well-being and the resources to obtain well-being”

We strengthen under-resourced communities

Our work involves partnering with the local church to adopt pockets of poverty and launching what we call: “FRIENDS INITIATIVES”. We love bringing together communities of resource with communities of need. Our Friends Initiatives are long-term partnerships with local churches, residents and stakeholders who are committed to community transformation. Our initiatives include: clean water-projects, in-school student support, after school programs, literacy, GED completion, job readiness training and home repair.

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foundational beliefs that drive us

There are two types of poverty: Situational and Generational. We focus on breaking the cycles of generational poverty.

Generational poverty cannot be changed with small, soft-hearted plans. It must be directly addressed with great intention through mutual relationships.

Generational poverty is a complicated spiritual, relational, mental-attitude, educational and financial issue.

Our History

In 2009 Richard Logan became the Missions Pastor at River Pointe Church and began to research areas in close proximity to his church with a high concentration of need. One day he got in his car and just began to drive. Remembering people talking several years back about an “at-risk” area on the North side of the railroad tracks in downtown Richmond; Richard decided to go and take a look for himself. He was so moved by the need and possibilities for the church to partner with others in the community to bring about lasting transformation. After many conversations with city leaders, stakeholders, local residents, and pastors, Friends of North Richmond was born! The following year Friends of Uganda was launched. In an effort to mobilize more churches and set the stage for future growth, Attack Poverty is founded by Richard Logan in 2011 and was granted 501c3 status! We are excited for all that God has in store as we look to the future and empower people to attack poverty in their life and community!