Young Professionals Ending Poverty


Who We Are

In short, we started as a individuals that loved the work of Friends of Northside! We wanted to create an opportunity to serve Friends of Northside in a meaningful way. So, here we are now. A group of Young Professionals aiming to end poverty alongside Friends of Northside!

As a young professionals group, we aim to gather with likeminded individuals while promoting the mission and vision of the non-profit organization Friends of Northside through volunteerism, social events, and fundraisers.

Why “ending poverty”?

Friends of Northside is part of a larger organization called Attack Poverty. They’re an organization with locations across the globe and while we all know there’s no quick fix or formula to end different types of poverty, we want to be involved in the impact Attack Poverty and their locations are making in underserved communities.

All funds raised go straight to programs

Friends of Northside has a wide range of services and programs. From child after-school programs, teen mentoring, home repair, ESL classes, GED and revitalization.

When we host profit share opportunities, happy hours, partnerships with restaurants, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities, it’s all with the purpose of making an impact in the Northside community and helping Friends of Northside be equipped to do so.

Foundational beliefs that drive Attack Poverty

There are two types of poverty: Situational and Generational. We focus on breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Generational poverty cannot be changed with small, soft-hearted plans. It must be directly addressed with great intention through mutual relationships.

Generational poverty is a complicated spiritual, relational, mental-attitude, educational, and financial issue.

Becoming A Member

Membership Levels


Committee Member

An annual fee of $50 allows you to be a part of the committee. Whether it’s social media, event planning, fundraising, or something else; you’ll be involved! You’ll also receive the latest YPEP swag first and be a part of all volunteering opportunities.

YPEP Member

An annual fee of $35 allows you to be a part of YPEP, with no committee roles. You’ll receive a YPEP welcome package and be invited to all volunteer opportunities.


Events and Contact


YPEP President

Christina Halstead |

YPEP Vice-President

Lea Byrd |

Friends of Northside Representatives

Annie Achim |


YPEPHTX | @ypephtx

Join Us

Thanks for checking in! | This is the events calendar for Spring 2021.
January 17th – Brunch
February 27th – Children’s Building Revitalization
March 11th – Happy Hour. We’re stuffing Easter Eggs!!
April 3rd – Friends of Northside Easter Event
May 15th – Fundraiser
Email us at and we can get you plugged in!