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Attack Poverty partners with multiple organizations to provide mental health resources to the communities we serve. Through the support of Barnhill Associates Counseling Center, Counseling Paid Forward, and STCH Ministries, counseling and life coaching is available at little to no cost.

STCH Ministries
STCH Ministries Family Counseling provides hope and direction for individuals, couples, children, and families when they need help sorting through the challenges of life. Counseling provides a safe place where people can talk about issues and find solutions. This service is good for individuals who need long-term care and guidance. STCH’s counseling services are free to the community. Because of this, there may be a long waiting period to receive their services.

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Counseling through Matt Barnhill and Associates 

Counseling through Matt Barnhill and Associates (BACC) offers counseling services in several different areas including, but not limited to relationship issues, anger management, trauma, eating disorders, addictions, and couple therapy. There is a fee to BACC services and they do not accept insurance. With the help of Counseling Paid Forward, fees can be discounted or waived; however, we still encourage individuals to contribute what they can to empower them to take part in their own health journey.

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Counseling Paid Forward Barnhill & Associates Counseling Center

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