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Making a Difference Together

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Champion X is excited to partner with us to help fundraise our upcoming Mission Trip to Uganda!

Our vision to empower people to attack poverty in their life and community by strengthening under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization and basic needs aligns with Champion X's focus to improve lives.

Join Champion X as we kick off a fundraiser to help fund our Mission Trip to Uganda!

Your donation will make double the impact up to $5,000In other words, for every $1 you donate, we will get $2!

The impact of our organization is attributed to generous donors like you who help fund our vision and mission.

Your support is empowering individuals and making communities whole again.


Attack Poverty is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

If you have any questions, concerns, or you need assistance with your donation, please contact our Development Director, Brett, via email by clicking here.