The Gospel in Rushere, Uganda

Attack Poverty is excited share with you what God has been doing over the last few months in Uganda! 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is moving all around the communities that we get to serve! The Rushere Community Church happens to be one of them!

Even in the middle of a pandemic, they are praising God for the kindness, provision, miracles, and salvation that they are experiencing within their community.

“They are so excited and honored to be spreading the same light and joy that they have received from the Lord.”

Banana and watermelon garden in Rushere, Uganda

The banana and watermelon garden that the Rushere Community planted.

The Rushere Community is currently growing a banana plantation, taking the gospel to the communities around them, hosted a virtual conference, and students got ready for their mock exams at the Christian High School.

Pictured on the right is Leticia, who is a part of the Rushere Community Church, sharing the word of God with one of the families in the surrounding community.

One of the most exciting things that are happening is that they are going out and preaching the Gospel.

The community even witnessed children preaching to the public and families. Communities that they met were eager to receive salvation.

Pictured on the front left is Mr. Barnabas, the church administrator of the Rushere Community Church, leading the team on their mission to spread the Gospel.

A few people also turned their souls to Christ throughout their journey in spreading the Gospel!

Although the homes were at a distance and they had to surpass swamps and valleys to get there, it did NOT stop the Rushere Community from spreading the Gospel.

Our Ugandan friends feel so honored to be spreading the same light and joy that they have received from the Lord. 

During their virtual conference with their friends from the USA, God provided them a way to host an evening of praise and worship.

God touched souls on this night and many were set free by the word that was shared!

God is truly restoring the wholeness of people and communities to God's design. Join us in rejoicing with our Ugandan friends! 

"We glorify our living Father for this far He has brought us, may the living God bless you!" - Rushere Community Church member