“Touched by God”

Each of the communities we work within displays God's powerful work. In most of our Friends' locations, we have been hosting prayer walks where we intercede with and for the community to see spiritual strongholds break. We have had the opportunity to see firsthand how God awakens potential and provokes transformation in the lives of individuals and the community. These prayer walks are an effort to attack poverty through spiritual growth as we work to restore people and communities' wholeness to God's design, including our friend William. It all started when he prayed for the first time in years.

When Friends of North Rosenberg converted their Resource Center to a food distribution site amidst COVID-19 hitting their community, William was the first person from the community to get in line. He's a staple in the community, and he saw us as the same! As we've gotten to know William, we are now not surprised that on the day he stood in line, he was also the first one to offer his service when the donation-filled truck arrived.  He jumped right in to get things unloaded and organized for the distribution. William has been volunteering with us faithfully every week since, so it made sense when he showed up to the prayer walk. We've had a lot of conversations with William about his past and his dreams for his future. We've been so excited to start walking in Williams' journey of becoming who God has called him to be.

“It all started when he prayed for the first time in years...”

As the prayer walk started, William was stationed at the welcome site as the group headed out. As we've spent time with him, we know he is reserved so we were excited that when the group journeyed out on the prayer walk, he joined! The prayer walk was a powerful time together and when we arrived at the land where the new Friends of North Rosenberg building will reside, William inserted himself and started praying. When William offered to pray, our staff didn't realize that this moment was monumental for him. When William was witnessing what God was doing in his community right before his eyes, he felt compelled to pray after he hadn't prayed in years.

This is what awakening potential and provoking transformation looks like.

Transformation can happen even in the smallest details of someone's life. Our FNRO team is so proud of William and the growth that he is experiencing in his personal life. From his compassion to serving alongside the team to praying for his community, we are all so excited to see what else the Lord will do in his life.

This story is an example of just one of the many lives being impacted throughout our communities. We are so grateful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.