Brandon Baca Named As Attack Poverty’s CEO

In February 2020, the Board of Directors appointed Brandon Baca as the Interim CEO of Attack Poverty. Just three and a half weeks after this appointment, COVID-19 hit Houston shutting down schools, businesses, and the local economy. However, Baca led the organization with a clear vision, holding the mission of Attack Poverty at the center of every swift move. Not only did Baca oversee seven distribution sites up and running within three days, under his leadership the organization has served over 100,000 individuals; more individuals the organization has served over the course of the last nine years.

Shortly thereafter, in April of 2020, the Board unanimously voted Baca as Attack Poverty’s CEO. Five months into his transition the organization has seen unprecedented growth both deep and wide. Baca set up a leadership team, grew the organization’s bottom line, set strategy for future growth; all amidst a global pandemic.  We are proud of the work he has done and we look forward to the days ahead.

After joining Attack Poverty in 2012, Baca served as Senior Director for Programs and Development, Senior Director of Operations, and most recently as Chief Operating Officer. The Board has full confidence in Baca and believes he is very qualified to step in as the organization’s leader given his long tenure at AP and established relationships with employees and external partners – not to mention his commitment to the mission as we have seen him lead the organizational response to adversity in the last five months.

Attack Poverty remains focused on its mission to support the community through its “Friends locations” by delivering quality programs where they are most needed. As we work through recovering from recent tragedy and crisis, the mission of Attack Poverty remains unchanged – to empower people to attack poverty in their life and community by strengthening under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization, and basic needs. The AP staff is fully committed to this mission and we have been blessed with, and continue to receive strong support from, our key financial partners.

We look forward to sharing our continued progress with you in the days to come and are very grateful for all of your support.