Empowering More Families like Manuel’s – Help Us by June 30!

Attack Poverty serves families at their greatest point of need. Help us by June 30 to empower more families together!

“Thank you for all your help and we appreciate everything,” wrote Manuel’s mom. This is one of the many special notes we have received over the last few months at our distribution centers. Here is the drawing Manuel included for us too. Their family is so grateful for the food and supplies.


"...providing peace and hope in these difficult times

We have a pandemic with the coronavirus, but we also have an epidemic in job loss for so many families right now. For our under-resourced communities, they have nowhere to turn. There is no extra income to put food on the table.

That’s why in March, Attack Poverty shifted gears to come along side families at their greatest point of need. We have already served over 19,000 families at our distribution centers. But we aren’t just providing food and supplies. We are providing peace and hope in these difficult times. It means so much to families right now.

As our financial year-end approaches on June 30, we’ve set a goal of $110,000. This allows us to finish the financial year strong and move forward into this next season ready to impact even more. We’ve already started recording GED and ESL classes, as well as online children's programming to serve the communities from their homes. Attack Poverty will continue to show up for families like Manuel’s.


We can’t always see the smiles behind the masks in the distribution lines, but we can see the relief every single time. This is the impact of generosity from our Attack Poverty family!

Together we can empower more families like Manuel’s to thrive with the financial support, food and security they desperately need.

This update is part of our ongoing COVID-19 Response. We are so grateful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.