Wingstop and Attack Poverty partner to provide meals for families affected by COVID-19

The first two Fridays in May, we partnered with Wingstop, Freedom Automotive and Houston Food Bank to provide hot meals for families affected by COVID19. We served a total of 1,400 hot meals to 4,170 people!

At Attack Poverty, we live by the phrase “better together” and it showed during these events. It is amazing how people come together to serve and empower the community.

Kim Martinez, Volunteer Coordinator for Friends of Northside, puts into perspective the meaning of #BetterTogether.

“It was one of those hot Texas days and the sun was beating down on everyone. The line of cars waiting for food didn’t seem to have an end, but all you could see were smiles and diligence from the incredible people I am privileged to work with and the staff of Wingstop, Freedom Automotive and Houston Food Bank.

"all you could see were smiles and diligence from the incredible people...

I watched Elise, Friends of North Richmond’s Director, surprise quite a few people with her ability to speak Spanish. She definitely made them laugh and smile despite the heat. I watched Jason, Attack Poverty’s Senior Director of Programs, lead volunteers all over the place. I watched Leslie and her husband Spencer, who work with Friends of Sundown, spend their anniversary volunteering with us because they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Everyone from the Attack Poverty family had a role that extended beyond what they were asked to do. We had fun and came together with our partners and community officials to serve families in need for God’s glory. We do what we do in hopes to bring shalom into the communities we are called to serve.”

The Stafford community had such great energy as they drove through the line. It was clear they were so appreciative of the food being distributed and that someone was standing on the front lines fighting for them during this pandemic.

Here are some of those smiling faces we had the privilege of serving that day:


If you’d like to be a part of serving on the frontlines with Attack Poverty, we’d love to have you! Check out how to volunteer here.


This update is part of our ongoing COVID-19 Response. We are so grateful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.