It’s All About the Kids

We love our You Can Academy kids. It’s been sad to not see them after school each day, but we’ve been grateful for the opportunity to connect and serve them during this time.


Attack Poverty shifted gears with the COVID-19 crisis to distribute food and essentials to our friend communities. Unfortunately, this meant no after-school programs for our You Can Academy kids we love so much. But that hasn’t stopped us!

Everyday we get to share our smiles and wave to our

We may not be able to give them big hugs, but we can serve their families in an important way.

You Can Academy kids that come through our distribution lines. With the help of generous donors, we’ve collected some amazing kid activity kits to hand out as well. We may not be able to give them big hugs, but we can serve their families in an important way. Providing these families with food has allowed them to spend their money on other essentials like medicines and bills.

We’ve also been able to serve our You Can Academy kids in many other ways. Our volunteers and staff have taught them how to understand online school, dropped off birthday gifts so they feel special, called them each week to remind them they’re not alone, and delivered food to their homes.

Here’s one mom with her two You Can Academy kids, Emerson and Charlette, sharing how grateful she is to Friends of Sundown. This is what your support looks like!

Together we’re loving and serving many children and families in our area during this difficult time. Thank you for continuing to believe and partner in such an important mission.

You Can Academy is an after-school program that provides a safe environment for over 4,000 children each year. The students can enjoy activities for their academics and character, while enjoying a healthy snack and encouragement from our volunteers.

This story is an example of the many lives being impacted throughout our communities. We are so grateful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.