Attack Poverty stories from #givetogethernow

The Stand Together Foundation and the Family Independence Initiative teamed up to launch #GiveTogetherNow – a rapid-response effort to get cash into the hands of families most affected by COVID-19. Attack Poverty identified and nominated 50 families to receive this one-time cash transfer of $500. This gift has made such an impact for them.

Read the stories and quotes below and also check out Dwanette's story from Friends of North Richmond. And Yakelyn's from Friends of Sundown. And Corena's family with Friends of North Richmond.

Maria R

Friends of Sundown
"Dear to the whom it may concern, I want to thank the organization The Stand together organization and Friends of Sundown for the major help that it has been a major blessing to me and my family. That money has helped us pay for our utility bills and for extra groceries to feed my kids. It has helped us throughout the hardship that COVID-19 has brought upon us.. Thank you so much once again for helping my family and may God bless you.  

Zeenath S, ESL student

Friends of North Richmond
"I would like to thank Give Together for giving me $500. I work in a restaurant and because of the coronavirus my hours have been my greatly reduced. This money is a blessing that will help me pay my rent. Thank you very much."

Mireya B

Friends of Northside
Mireya found us through Facebook and came to ask about supplies. During our following up with residents, Mireya answered and shared about her family. Her husband is applying to be a US citizen and are figuring out ways to support their 5 children and her mother. Mireya is a humble woman who doesn’t want to take away supplies from another family even though her family needed the supplies too. On one phone call, Mireya shared about her iron transfusions that she has to receive two a week with no medical insurance. She is blessed to be a benefactor of Give Together.

Theresa G

Friends of Northside
Theresa is a mom of one of the many You Can Academy students that Friends of Northside staff and volunteers get to interact with on a weekly basis. Theresa is a woman who believes in Jesus and wanted her daughter to know Jesus more which is why she enrolled her in You Can Academy. Alyssa is a bright 3rd grader and enjoys reading the Bernstein Bear books. Theresa works nights and even pulls double shifts to support her children and even grandchildren at times. We checked in to see how she was doing. She is thankful that she still receives hours but not like before. When we told her about the Give Together gift she was incredibly blessed to know that we were thinking of her family.  

Jose B

Friends of Northside
We love our GED students. Their dreams to do what they love is inspiring. Jose dropped out of school in the 10th grade and got a job at a construction company. His boss saw potential in him and told him that if he wants to keep his job that he needs to get his GED. Jose loves his job so he enrolled in our class. As we worked with him, we saw that he is proud of his Mexican heritage and wanted to continue representing himself and his family. Like most of our participants, we checked in on them when COVID hit and he said the same thing, "My hours have been cut." We knew that Jose needed financial assistance during this time and he gladly accepted it.  

Ashley J

Friends of North Richmond
"I was one of the families that received that blessing. I would like to thank the Friends of North Richmond and everything everyone has helped my family and I with. With the money I was able to buy my children some clothes that I haven’t been able to buy them in months. It’s hard working a part time job taking care of 3 children and only have enough to pay for the bills. My husband has been unemployed for 6 months now due to his background but that doesn’t stop us and our faith. We continue to strive and push harder for our children. You guys really put a smile on my children’s faces especially in this time when we are all going through this pandemic. We are extremely blessed and are tremendously grateful to be chosen and we will forever be thankful to Mrs. Lucinda and her tremendous will to help out families in need. There was never any judgement and I thank you."

Alejandra V

Friends of Sundown
"We are an immigrant family where my husband is the one who is able to work, once the quarantine began due to COVID-19, the company where my husband worked decided to let go of all the workers and close the project until further notice. This left us without income necessary for the payment of our monthly expenses. Friends of Sundown brought us Hope! Thanks to the food aid and monetary aid, we have been able to overcome this crisis that our family is going through. We are very grateful from the heart for the support Friends of Sundown has given us, thank you very much, Friends of Sundown !!!"

Corrina J

Friends of Northside
This woman is a true blessing to the Friends of Northside staff. Born and raised in the Northside community, she has history here. She is a woman in recovery who wants to give back and serve her fellow neighbors. Despite her past mistakes, she is committed to the Father and desires for people to know Jesus. Corrina has a big heart and is responsible for three of her grandchildren so when COVID-19 surfaced in Houston, she was concerned about caring for her babies. The money helped with taking care of bills and stocking the pantry. Since we opened our distribution center, she has been here each day on delivery day preparing bags and equipping volunteers with the needed supplies to make their routes. 

Mariela G

Friends of North Richmond
"I am very grateful for the help I received from the give together organization, thanks to the help I receive I was able to pay my bills and buy food and other necessary things from my home. I am very happy to have been able to help my family all thanks to give together." (translated from Spanish)

Rey P, ESL student

Friends of North Richmond
"The truth is that I was not able to pay my rent. Thanks to God and this blessing because this is a big help. With the $500 I was able to pay my rent."

Diana A

Friends of North Richmond
"Hi my name is Diana I want to take the time to give a big Thank you. The Give Together Foundation for being with us. In this difficult time of need. And helping us out with $500.00 dollars that really came in handy. For my electric bill and not just that I was able to also buy my little ones some thing fun too do. while they sat at home for a long period of time. In a hard time when I was told I could not come back to work. Due to the COVID 19 situation. Thank you soo much!!!"

Maria C

Friends of Northside
She and her husband are self-employed entrepreneurs. Like many small business owners, COVID-19 struck a hole where customers and income should be. Maria was concerned about caring for their 5 children (college to middle school ages). When school moved online, she told us that she doesn’t have enough computers to go around for her children to access the needed educational materials. The financial assistance from Give Together is helping Maria’s family with bills and needed supplies.

This update is part of our ongoing COVID-19 Response. We are so grateful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.