Rising From the Storm

Diana, local resident of North Rosenberg, had her trailer home damaged in the Memorial Day flood of 2016. As the river continued to rise, the family decided to leave with almost no money and no place to go. They only knew that their home was no longer safe.

When the water receded, they returned only to find that everything in their home was contaminated and unsalvageable. The damage was so severe that it was a total loss so they purchased an RV as a temporary fix. Little did they know that further devastation was to come.

God is faithful; Diana was chosen to receive the home.

In August 2017, Diana found herself as the sole provider for her and her three children (and soon a fourth that was expected to arrive in November) because her husband had been deported back to Mexico. Hurricane Harvey made land fall and forced the family to evacuate once again. Diana gathered up her pots and pans, frozen meat, and a change of clothes and blanket for each of them and evacuated not knowing where to go except to safety. When she was able to return, she found that the temporary fix, her RV, had filled with water and was not livable.

Diana’s parents offered to help by giving them a place to live, but they only had one room for Diana and her three children to share. Diana returned to work at a nursery, which was very strenuous. She had to carry large buckets of dirt, but she persevered and worked up until it was time to give birth to her 4th child. Diana, feeling scared an all alone, was simply dropped off at the hospital. Her mother was able to be by her side for the birth, but still, Diana was faced with the uncertainty of where she would live when she got out and if the living conditions would even be safe for a newborn.

Soon after, Diana was contacted by The Dream Center and asked if she needed support for the upcoming holiday season. She shared her story with them and Pastor Brain Sosa connected her with us (Friends of North Rosenberg). Even after processing her application and assessing her home, we were unsure how, or if, we could help her. We only knew that God would provide. We demolished her trailer and removed the RV from the property. At the time, there was a lightly used trailer home being donated to us. Our thought was that the trailer could go to Diana or to two other residents in need, but left the decision up to the donor. God is faithful; Diana was chosen to receive the home. We coordinated the transport of the trailer home onto Diana's property. It was elevated 8 ft so it would be up to code and we put in steps so they could access the home. The Friends of North Rosenberg also collaborated with other agencies, and through case management were able to provide assistance with AC work and some minor repairs. The Dream Center assisted with electrical work. The plumbing work, as well as a refrigerator, and washer & dryer were donated by the contractor who had done Diana's electrical, AC and step work.

Currently, Diana’s children are enrolled in the our You Can Academy program where they receive a meal and help with their homework after school. This takes some stress off of Diana for which she has expressed how grateful she is. At You Can Academy, the children also have a Bible lesson which has been helpful with their RCIA classes at church. Diana also brings her mother to the community garden to pick fresh veggies for their meals. Diana and her family are now back in their home and are grateful for the assistance received from Friends of North Rosenberg and the collaborating agencies and organizations.

This story is an example of just one of the many lives being impacted throughout our communities. We are so greatful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.

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