Little Lady’s ESL Classes

We wanted to share with you a story about one of our ESL students, Little Lady, that came to us last September from a protective program.

She had been abused and controlled by her husband and was disowned by her family because in her culture, they don’t divorce. She managed to break away and found refuge for herself. When her case manager brought her to us and registered her in our ESL classes, she was not smiling, for fear of being in the public and very limited English.

“I am so thankful for you. I couldn’t speak English but now I can speak some English.”

She always had her head down. She is now working in a private home taking care of an elderly 90 year old woman. The woman's family has a Home Health provider for their mom, but they hired Little Lady as their mother’s companion. They are providing Little Lady live-in privileges and income. Her ESL teacher has agreed to pick up Little Lady so that she can continue to come to ESL class and improve her English.

Little Lady feels overwhelmed by all the blessings she has received. We wish her even more blessings and for God to continue working on her final freedom. She said, “I am so thankful for you (pointed the Friends of North Richmond building). I couldn’t speak English but now I can speak some English.

Little Lady is grateful for Friends of North Richmond providing her the opportunity to learn English and enroll in our Computer class. Additionally, her computer teacher has agreed to meet Little Lady on Wednesday after her ESL class and do a 30 minute computer class sessions with her.

This story is an example of just one of the many lives being impacted throughout our communities. We are so greatful for your generous support and commitment to helping us break the cycle of generational poverty.

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